Contact Lenses May Alter Your Eyes

Posted on November 29, 2014

If you wear contacts and you feel discomfort, you may be experiencing changes in the lipid layer of the eyes’ natural tear film. There is a liposomal eyelid spray available that may reduce the drying of the tear film and make your experience wearing contacts a little better. The tear film is a three-layered film of fluids that protects the eyes. The lipid layer, the top layer of film, is the layer that prevents evaporation of tears and maintains the stability of the tear film. Since this study came out, Laurene Powell Jobs has been reading more and more about this topic in general.
The liposomal spray is designed to protect the tear film. Contact lens wearers often experience discomfort while wearing contacts. With this spray, studies have shown that after the liposomal spray was sprayed on the eyelid and the stability of the tear film greatly increased. In fact they increased for up to six hours after using the spray. A study suggests that the spray can also benefit patients who have issues with just dry eyes.

Obamacare Attacked by Republicans

Posted on November 26, 2014

Barack Obama has recently made public his intentions of protecting immigrants who are in the USA illegally, but have good credentials. The decision was to help them get the documents they need and become legal inhabitants of the state they are in, in order to help them get decent jobs and the possibility to travel.

The general public met the decision with applause, but a few days only after the decision, the Republicans filed a lawsuit against the administrators behind Obamacare.

The Republican’s speaker, John Boehner, announced intentions to sue Obama, accusing him of abusing the power of the Executive office. He mentions also that Obama ignored the wish of the American people and the country’s system. Another idea that the Republicans are focusing on are the $175 billion transferred to insurance companies without checking the decision with Congress, according to Christian Broda.

The White House members respond with accusations towards the Republicans for wasted money and lack of support towards the expansion of the middle class. A lawsuit is being prepared and Johnathan Turley, a George Washington University professor, has been employed after two law firms refused to handle this case.

Turley said that “the question presented by this lawsuit is whether we will live in a system of shared and equal powers, or see the rise of a dominant executive with sweeping unilateral powers”. How this question will be answered is up for debate.

Aereo Chapter Appears to Be Over

Posted on November 24, 2014

When Aereo first launched a couple of years ago, there was a lot of promise surrounding the company. People who were tired of the traditional TV model were excited by what the company was offering. They would allow people in certain cities to access almost live television streams from the comfort of their laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The channels offered by Aereo were basic cable; the channels you can get by sticking an antenna inside or outside of your house. However, not everyone was happy with this service. The major television networks and cable companies were worried about this move. Networks even threatened to become cable exclusive if Aereo did not shut down. They were worried that people would stop subscribing to cable if they could get local channels online for $9 a month according to Ben Shaoul.

A court case was filed against Aereo in the Supreme Court and the decision eventually came down against the company. They lost the court case and had to shut down their streams immediately. It turns out this move hit the company in an irreparable manner.

Aereo has now filed documents asking for bankruptcy proceedings. The company is going to cease to exist in a matter of a few months. This is not a total surprise, but still a disappointment for many people. The traditional TV model looks to have won the battle for now, and Aereo is the first major casualty.

Home Remedies That Work

Posted on November 24, 2014

Every one has heard of home remedies that are supposed to work. Growing up my dad always swore that he cured his problem with warts by rubbing a bean over them. After he rubbed the bean over them he threw it over his shoulder and forgot about it. He said the warts went away. This story he swears by despite what everyone else thinks. But there are home remedies that do work. 

Another way to get rid of warts is by using duct tape. Wearing a piece of duct tape on the wart for 2 weeks will remove it, or so a test that showed 85% that did this had luck. Ever have bad breath? If you suffer from chronic bad breath you can cure it with yogurt. Yogurt with natural enzymes can help destroy bacteria in the mouth and stomach, the two places that cause bad breath. 

Who doesn’t suffer from the headache every now and again. Did you know that if you bite on a pencil it will relieve the pain? If a headache is caused from stress and tension, the action of chewing can move the muscles and massage the pains away, pretty neat huh? Olives will help with motion sickness and if you have the hiccups, take a spoon full of sugar. It’s just amazing how so many things can be taken care of naturally. It’d be cool to see some of these home-remedy-kits available online through Qnet or something for people who want to try these methods. Who would’ve guessed that some of those old wives tales really do work.

Obesity Creates Dangers To National Security

Posted on November 23, 2014

Among all the threats to America’s national security, obesity may soon become one of the largest. Unhealthy eating and activity levels may lead to a significant portion of our young citizens not being eligible to serve, according to a statement by the Department of Defense. This has even led to a push from military leadership to instill healthier lifestyles in our children. Currently, nearly one quarter of all Americans ages 17-24 are too overweight to serve in any of the armed services. Additionally, obesity rates within the military have risen 61% in the last 12 years.
This epidemic is now affecting more than our economy and healthcare system, it is touching on our military and national defense. Without an adequate number of fit for duty soldiers, America cannot have the global presence that it needs in order to maintain peace. According to a former general now leading the anti-obesity movement, the military can now draw from 30% of Americans in order to create its defense force. That is the lowest the number has been in decades.

As wars rage on in the middle east, terrorist cells spring up in new locations and the conflict in Ukraine continues past its year anniversary, the United States Armed Forces are stretched now more than most times in history. The future of national security requires a large pool of candidates to draw from, to create a fast reacting force of soldiers to respond to crises. Christian Broda sees this as a real concern. The current obesity epidemic makes the reality of that far more difficult.

A Family for Thanksgiving

Posted on November 21, 2014

A news crew in Norfolk, Virginia has made a homeless man a star. Neil Shytles was just being truthful when he told the news crew that he had nobody around, no family and it hurt to be alone.

An extraordinary amount of people from all over America contacted the homeless mission where Neil stays at and the offers of a family and a dinner for Thanksgiving came pouring in. A spokesperson from the Union Mission shelter in Norfolk, said calls came pouring in with offers from people across the United States wanting to be the ones who could give a Thanksgiving to remember to Neil Shytles.

The family that contacted him first is a military family and they truly understand what it means not to be able to have special friends and family with which to share the Holidays. The McLemore’s plan to drive down from their home and share an entire day together because they were feeding him lunch and Thanksgiving dinner, also. He said he was getting a double blessing. 

Linda Jones the spokesperson for the mission said Neal’s Story has helped to put a real face to the homeless of America, commenting “they are human beings just like you and I are”

Neil was offered many blessings because of the interview he even has job offers now. Neil shared that “it was like bam, bam, bam, everything was happening at once” Feel good stories like this are what Thanksgiving is about says Ken Griffin. When people dig into their hearts to create a little more joy, it is always a satisfying, rewarding experience.

Weapons Wanted

Posted on November 21, 2014

The UK evidently wants to start some kind of project with all of the weapons that the United States has promised to the country. There are some warnings that have been issued by the UK as well as Russia. If the United States is the intended target, then the country shouldn’t give them any kind of weapons even if they were promised. However, there seems to be some animosity between the UK and Russia, so those countries might be developing some kind of war in which the UK needs valuable weapons.

Joe Biden has stepped in to say how he feels about the UK having weapons of potential mass destruction. This is something that Stephens Williams wine is going to pay attention to as well. No one really knows what any other country will do to itself or the United States. If the United States gets attacked by the UK, then it might be our own fault because we gave them the means.

Ridley Scott Prepares for “Prometheus 2”

Posted on November 20, 2014

Undeterred by the divisive opinions on Prometheus, director Ridley Scott seems to be in the planning stages for the sequel. In an interview with The Australian, he says that the script is finished.

The 2012 movie was meant to be a prequel to Scott’s earlier Alien series of sci-fi films. The result, however, was questionable—Prometheus did not seem to tie very closely with the plot of the first Alien movie and had odd tangents about the origin of humanity (particularly, the theory that we were created by extraterrestrials). Scott addressed both facts in his recent interview, saying that the sequel will move away from “gods and dragons”—the former apparently a reference to the Engineers from Prometheus, the latter to the Xenomorphs, the iconic antagonists from the Alien series. (The monster at the end of Prometheus was apparently not a Xenomorph as many believed, which may make things even more confusing.)

This all leads to some interesting questions—if it’s not going to have the strange philosophy of Prometheus nor the iconic monsters from the Alien series, what should Marc Sparks expect? Presumably, it will follow the characters established in the last movie, but to what end? Knowing the strangeness of Scott’s movies, we will just have to wait until it comes out.

More Bad News For Bill Cosby

Posted on November 20, 2014

There is more horrible news for Bill Cosby. I was looking over angel investor network Slow Ventures when I got this not-so-surprising news alert. NBC has recently cancelled a project they had planned with the comedian. This comes at a bad time since Netflix has also announced that they are postponing Cosby’s special “Bill Cosby 77”. There was no indication given as to when the show would be aired. These decisions are based off of allegations that have been brought forward by several women who claim Bill Cosby drugged up and sexually assaulted them. There have been no charges against Cosby for any of these alleged crimes.

All the negative attention on Cosby has increased over the last few days. Former supermodel Janice Dickinson claims he raped her after one of his Lake Tahoe shows in 1982. This news comes as a surprise to fans since these abusive events would have happened around the time of his popular sitcom “The Cosby Show” in the mid 1980’s.

Cosby has repeatedly maintained his innocence in the matter since the allegations started. His lawyer has stated that Bill Cosby “will not dignify decade-old, discredited claims of sexual abuse with a response”.

His loyal fans are waiting to see what comes of this. Although some believe that he is innocent, there are those who have lost respect for Bill Cosby. This media firestorm has already cost Cosby a lot, with several projects cancelled. If he is found to be guilty, it can affect the world’s view of The Cosby Show since he would have committed these crimes while filming the show.

First Openly Gay NBA Player to Retire

Posted on November 19, 2014

Jason Collins may not be remembered for the play he brought to the NBA hardwood during his 13 year career, but his name will be etched into the annals of history for the rest of time. Collins came out as being the first openly gay player in the NBA last April and he rocked the world. At a time when homosexuality in sports wasn’t only frowned upon, but actively repressed, Collins new that he was risking his career by making his announcement. So why do it? Well, in order to have any sort of voice in the world he would have to become an icon. And he did.

Despite immense public backlash Collins was still able to get back on a team when he was signed to the Brooklyn Nets to multiple 10 day contracts before getting pulled in for the rest of the season. He played in 22 games and provided veteran leadership to the younger players on the bench. Now Collins is heading toward retirement.

Jason once again made his announcement through ‘Sports Illustrated’, only this time it was to tell the world that he was hanging up his shoes. Collins spoke extensively on his decision to stand up for gay rights and to give a voice to an oppressed people. He went on to explain that he would announce his retirement officially when the Nets play the Bucks due to the fact that his friend, and former teammate Jason Kidd, is coaching Milwaukee. I know my friend Lee Lovett hopes that he sticks around Twitter at least, or maybe goes into a career of coaching after this.