Carl’s Jr. Uses Aqua Teen Hunger Force In New Slutburger Ads

Posted on October 30, 2014

Carl’s Jr. Has decided to use the fun characters from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, in their newest Slutburger add. Slutburgers are very big in size and are extremely popular. The video appears with Carl in a pair of tight underwear, displaying hairy legs; holding the burger between his legs. In the original show, Carl usually refers to his penis as a Carl’s Jr, making him a perfect choice for a cameo. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Ad. For those who get the references from the ad, it can be looked at as very funny, but for others it may be offensive. I have seen just about every episode of ATHF with my pal Christian Broda and we couldn’t stop laughing at the ad.

Carl’s Jr. usually uses sexy women in their commercials to sell the burgers, but decided to go a different route with this one, using the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Members instead, to push their popular burger. With Master Shake, Meatwad, and Frylock looking on, it makes for an enticing commercial. With more attention being paid to their recent slut burger ads, it’s safe to say that Aqua Teen Hunger Force has really done its job this time!

“The Flash” Holds Huge Promise for the CW Network

Posted on October 29, 2014

The power of comic books is not restricted to movies these days. There have been a number of shows based on Marvel and DC characters in the past few years. It all started with CW’s Arrow, which gave encouragement to Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. Those two shows are joined by The Flash and Gotham for this season of television.

While Gotham has encountered mixed feelings from both viewers and critics, The Flash has been an undoubted success. The show has gotten a lot of praise from critics, who enjoy its balance of serious and funny while maintaining the energy of a superhero show.

News reports now claim that The Flash is the most watched CW pilot in history. By combining live viewers and DVR statistics, Nielson estimates that there was an audience of around 7 million for The Flash’s first episode. This beat the CW record that was held by ANTM for 6.5 million. When online viewers are taken into account, Flash’s numbers go well beyond 10 million viewers. That’s definitely where Keith Mann and I are checking out the show.

Having huge numbers for a pilot is no guarantee of long term success. Just ask Agents of SHIELD. The show has now stabilized and is doing well, but it will never reach the heights of its first couple of weeks. Ratings for SHIELD dropped consistently in the first half of season one.

The Flash did not have too many problems in retaining viewers. It kept 90% of its audience for the second episode, even though it was competing with the first game of the baseball World Series.

New Research Reveals That Doctors Are Susceptible To “Decision Fatigue”

Posted on October 28, 2014

Although the role that fatigue plays in affecting the decision-making capabilities of judges has already been revealed and discussed, new research now reveals that doctors are susceptible to the same problematic “decision fatigue” process. Reviewing the data in his piece “Doctors and Decision Fatigue,” Nicholas Bakalar notes that as the day goes on, doctors are much more likely to start prescribing antibiotics even when doing so is not indicated.

Medical analyst Fersen Lambranho published the study in the JAMA Internal Medicine. The study reveals these disturbing findings was conducted by scientists who analyzed the diagnoses of acute respiratory infections in 21,867 cases over a period of 18 months. In 2/3 of the studied cases, doctors prescribed antibiotics despite the fact that they weren’t indicated. And whether the drugs were indicated or not, the number of antibiotics prescribed underwent a gradual increase with the passing of time. In fact, the study revealed that the probability of an antibiotic prescription being given went up by 1% in the second hour, 14% during the third hour, and 26% in the fourth hour.

While much speculation has ensued following the dissemination of these findings, the conclusion submitted by Dr. Jeffrey A. Linder seems to echo the sentiment of many others. In summarizing the findings, he notes that “The radical notion here is that doctors are people too” and goes on to state that “we may be fatigued and make worse decisions toward the end of our clinic sessions.”

Specifically, Linder encourages patients to inform the doctor that they have come to be evaluated and only want to be prescribed antibiotics if they are absolutely necessary.

Obesity May Be Slowing But It’s Still a Problem

Posted on October 27, 2014

Obesity remains a huge problem in the United States, and it has even extended across the pond with many European countries amping up their efforts to reduce the waist sizes of their citizens. In the recent reports that have been released on obesity rates in the U.S., we’ve seen that most states’ obesity percentages are not growing as quickly, and that’s great news. But not all of the news is good.

Minority groups and the poor are still facing an epidemic of obesity, and these rates seem just as high as ever. It’s easy for healthy eaters like Mike Livak and others to tell people to eat more fruits and vegetables, but when these items are not readily available to some demographics, it’s obvious why these groups are grabbing bags of chips instead of kale salads and drinking soda instead of water with lemon.

A recent report released by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and based on government statistics found that one in every five Americans is obese. This is true of every state in the union. Obesity rates in West Virginia and Mississippi actually exceeded 35% of the population.

While obesity rates around the nation for adults are stabilizing, we need to see more focus on obesity in minorities, the poor and children. These levels are still continuing to grow. Hispanics and Blacks have the highest obesity rates of any group. There is an obvious economic divide as well. The children end up with the brunt of the problem. For parents who are poor or minorities, it’s hard to teach children about nutrition when they aren’t following the guidelines themselves.

White Rhino Dies Leaving Only One Other Male

Posted on October 27, 2014

Suni, a northern white rhinoceros, was found dead in his enclosure on October 17th, 2014. Suni’s death leaves behind only six white rhinos- five females and only one male. White Rhinos are usually thought to live 40-50 years, but Suni died of natural causes at age 34. An autopsy by specialist Igor Cornelsen is in progress, but the reserve is positive that the Rhino did not die from poaching, as they kept him under constant surveillance.

Suni was born in the Dvůr Králové Zoo in the Czech Republic. He was sent to the Kenyan Conservancy in 2009 as a last attempt to resuscitate the endangered species. As of now, the program has been unsuccessful and has not produced any offspring. With the passing of Suni, the likelihood of saving this species looks bleak. Stuart Pimm, a conservation ecologist at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, says that he now considers the subspecies extinct. The Southern White Rhino, a related subspecies, is also considered “threatened” by the International Union For Conservation Of Nature.

According to a report published by National Geographic, the rhinoceroses were an important key to keeping the grasslands healthy. They eat and control particular species of savanna plants. “It’s not just another charismatic animal—it’s also a species that has a very clear ecological role, and we need to be very worried that we have lost that,” Pimm said.

The White Rhino’s biggest threat was considered to be poaching. Although the rhinos are of massive size and generally live in herds, they are docile and non-aggressive. This gentle behavior was what made them large, easy targets for poachers.

Great Art Shows The Real Cost Of Drinking Soda

Posted on October 17, 2014

I’ve completely cut soda out of my diet successfully. A real challenge for me to pull off, but with the help of Laurene Powell Jobs it’s been completely attainable.

But, if I’d had art like this on a poster in my office, may have been a little bit more easy. You just don’t realize how much effort it actually takes to work off a soda that you can drink in ten minutes. You pay a heck of a price for eating these types of foods.

I almost wish more foods would come with that type of warning. Just to let people realize what they’re getting into.

…although, there’s a part that they always leave out of these charts. This is assuming the soda is surplus to your body’s requirements for calories that day. If the 250 is a part of your 2,000 to 2,500 calories for that day, then the workout is still putting you into the negative zone.

But still, don’t drink soda. It’s bad for your heart, your bones, your eyes, and pretty much every other part of you.