Posted on March 18, 2019

Mike Nierenberg has been a household name in the financial sector and still is. He has served in renowned firms such as Bear Stearns which was once the fifth-largest investment bank and a fixture on Wall Street from the early 1920s. He has held quite a number of executive positions mainly in the mortgage and finance industry all through his career. Currently, Michael Nierenberg holds three key positions in a real estate firm known as New Residential Investment Corp.

Michael Nierenberg’s most notable affiliations

He was appointed to be board chairman in May 2016. Mike Nierenberg was already the chief executive officer and president three years prior. He was appointed to head global mortgages at Bank of America Merrill Lynch which he had been part of since 2008. Here, he was responsible for all sales and trading activities within the docket. This was before becoming the top executive at New Residential Investment Corp. Mr. Nierenberg had been affiliated with JP Morgan before heading to Merrill Lynch. In JP Morgan, he led the global securities division and was a member of a management committee of an investment bank.

One of Mr. Nierenberg’s longest affiliation periods is with Bear Stearns where he stayed for more than a decade. He worked with them for fourteen years which enabled him to steer up the leadership ladder and take on various senior leadership positions.

Mike was also the head of interest rate and foreign exchange trading operations and co-headed divisions of the likes of structured products and mortgage-backed securities trading. He was also a member of Bear Stearns’s board of directors for two years.

Mike Nierenberg has worked for Lehman Brothers. He worked with them for seven years before his departure to Bear Stearns. He particularly left a mark in this company as he helped shape and build its adjustable rate mortgage business.

Other affiliations

He is the managing director at Fortress. He is also affiliated with The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation which he chairs.


Mike Nierenberg has made and is still making an immense impact in the mortgage and financial world. He strives for recognition of the investment potential for excess mortgage servicing rights which many have ignored over the years.

About Michael Nierenberg: www.corporationwiki.com/p/ia2v9/michael-nierenberg

Serge Belamant Talks About His Business Ventures

Posted on March 10, 2019

Serge Belamant is an entrepreneur who has been a major contributor to the development of credit and debit card payment processing. Throughout his career, Serge has spent time helping companies in a variety of different fields. This experience has helped Serge Belamant gain a better understanding of how financial transactions are recorded. During his career, he has used his skills in coding digital financial transaction software to create payment processing solutions. His skills and knowledge have allowed him to make valuable contributions that have had a lasting impact on the banking and financial services sectors. In 1989, Belamant founded his company called Net1 UEPS Technologies. The company created universal payment processing systems. Today, his invention has allowed consumers to use debit and credit cards with a chip. Visit https://prabook.com/web/serge.belamant/339415

When starting up his company, Serge Belamant got involved in card chip technology from his son’s experience in computers. Since his son was knowledgeable of computer science and information technology, Belamant was able come up with financial transaction solutions with the use of technology. Serge talked to his son about how to provide financial products to younger people that they can more easily manage. Once he found out about what younger people look for in financial management products, he then began to develop his product line of cards that process financial transactions with a chip on them.

To make money, Serge Belamant has stated that it is vital that a business make products that people can use on a regular basis. It is important that any products designed and develop are always useful to people. He also believes that products are essential and are always able to meet an important need. Once thee conditions are met, then the money will follow.

After developing chip based credit and debit cards, Serge Belamant has now looked to develop ways to better analyze DNA. Belamant believes that using applications that use an algorithmic approach will lead to better ways to understand DNA. The development of more effective DNA analysis will likely help make significant changes in the world. With this next venture, Belamant will likely be in position to make a valuable contribution to another important industry.

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Matt Badiali On How To Profit From Undervalued Oil Stocks

Posted on March 09, 2019

Matt Badiali has been working in and around the oil industry for the majority of his career; in doing so, most of this was focused on the investment side of the equation. With a Masters degree in Science and extensive experience in investing in the oil industry, he certainly knows what he’s talking about. Since entering the industry, he’s launched a successful career and become well recognized in the process. Because of this, he’s become one of the leading experts in the oil investment industry.

However, Matt Badiali has taken somewhat of a controversial stance in 2019; instead of warning people away from investing in oil, he’s encouraging people to do so, although to do it smart. This is because the United States oil industry has had a variety of ups and downs over the past few months, including the sanctioning of oil imports from Iran and then the subsequent removal of said sanctions. When the sanctions were introduced, this led to high demand and relatively low supply; because of that, investment in oil seemed like a no-brainer. However, the removal of these saw the opposite reaction. Because of that, many people have been avoiding investing in oil until things stabilize.

However, Matt Badiali has said that this is the perfect time to invest in oil, as it could mean some significant profits when the price of oil begins to rise. After all, oil prices may not get too much lower, but they have a lot of room to grow; Mr. Badiali has said that it’s more likely that they’ll rise instead of falling, which is what makes it a very tempting investment. However, Matt Badiali has issued a few warnings about investing in oil in 2019. Chief among these is to be particular about which oil stocks you choose to invest in. While this is always a great rule of thumb, it’s especially true now. Because of that, Matt Badiali has noted that potential investors should avoid smaller companies. This is because he’s anticipating a jump in oil prices, and many of these smaller companies may not be able to survive the large jump in prices.  Click here to learn more about


Bhanu Choudhrie’s Sensational Successful Career Life

Posted on March 07, 2019

Bhanu Choudhrie resides in the UK and is one of the most influential people in India for giving the Indian artists the chance to spread their heritage across London. He heads C&C Alpha Group as Executive Director, commissioned to provide essential investment strategies to ensure the firm’s national and international success. C&C Alpha group is a global privately owned equity firm headquartered in London. This successful enterprise is known for its enormous investments in aviation, hospitality and real estate industries among others. Choudhrie values Indian culture as his roots are from the New Delhi suburbs in India. Born in 1978, Bhanu began working at the early age of 12 at his father’s garage on summer holidays. According to Bhanu Choudhrie, the garage had one of the biggest collection of vintage cars in India.

View Bhanu Choudhrie’s profile at Linkedin.

Bhanu Choudhrie is a graduate of the Boston University with a degree in International Business and Marketing. Choudhrie was named “Asian Entrepreneur of the Year” at the “Asian Voice Political and Public Awards” in 2008 UK. In an interview, Choudhrie left the US after an internship at JP Morgan in 1999 due to the large enterprise slots one could take advantage of in the UK. As the investments strategy director at C&C, Bhanu Choudhrie takes fascination in all invested industries of the firm. He is pleased with the significant number of people he meets when opening up hotels or selling real estate properties. From investing in the aviation industry, Bhanu was excited when the Air Deccan airline they had bought with only one plane succeeded. After selling it to Kingfisher, the airline had 200 flights a day which benefited India massively.

Mr.Choudhrie holds that every entrepreneur is his hero. To continue his success as a director, Bhanu continually strives to work with and support his management teams. Apart from his career, Bhanu Choudhrie is also involved in promoting India’s Bollywood productions. He is also involved in several charitable works including the Path to Success Charity. Bhanu as the director helps his mother who runs the charity to promote it in the UK. He is also Director of Customers Bank in the US.

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Doe Deere Has Now Moved Into The Jewelry Niche

Posted on March 05, 2019

Doe Deere, the entrepreneur who founded Lime Crime decided it was time to look at jewelry and create her own brand in that niche. Her new brand is Poppy Angeloff, which while it doesn’t deal in cosmetics does still deal in creative colors. Her way of describing it was bringing the Victorian style into the modern day, and continuing to give people who embrace being unique a chance to do it through wearing jewelry. There is no lack of the vintage kind of quality in Doe Deere’s new products, though they also are quite affordable compared to some competitors.

The way Doe Deere identifies herself is being a unicorn in part because she’s always loved the mythical creature, and she loves expressing herself through the cosmetics she uses. She was born in Russia and moved to the US when she was 17, and after her first dream of being a professional singer didn’t work out, she began exploring the fashion business. Doe Deere attended a fashion design school and first setup a sales account on eBay under the name Lime Crime. She started doing her own modeling for this, but in doing so she discovered interests in wanting makeup and hair cosmetics of colors that weren’t available in most regular stores. So she began ordering supplies to make her own, and in time her Lime Crime account had become a new makeup brand.

Doe Deere would move to Los Angeles with her husband and officially open Lime Crime’s headquarters there, and the company has done quite well over the last few years. Doe Deere ran it for several years until she decided to sell it, but it was pouring through some old family heirlooms that led her to exploring the jewelry business. Doe Deere is excited about where she could potentially take Poppy Angeloff.


Investment Advisor Randal Nardone

Posted on March 01, 2019

In 1998 Fortress Investment Group was created by Randal Nardone, Robert Kauffman, and Wesley Edens. The investment and management company made its debut on the New York Stock exchange in 2007. Currently, Fortress Investment Group is the largest publicly traded investment group in the United States. The company manages close to seventy-five billion dollars in private asset funds including; credit funds, hedge funds and private equity funds. In 2014, the magazine, Institutional Investor awarded the “Hedge Fund Manager of the Year Award” to Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress Investment Group is an innovative company, always looking to invest in the future of business and technology. Over the last several years they have invested millions of dollars in start-up technology companies. Fortress utilizes credit funds and private equity funds to provide asset based financing for their clients. From capital assets to real estate; the investment firm is known for its skill in managing several types of financial assets. Fortress Investment Group manages the assets of over 1760 private and institutional clients. The success of their investments, is the key to their success in the financial world.

Randal Nardone was a key advisor and partner, when the Fortress Investment Group was created in 1998. Prior to creating Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone was a managing director at UBS. He was a managing director at UBS from 1997 to 1998 . Before joining UBS he was a principle at BlackRock Investments. Prior to his venture into the financial and investment world, Randal Nardone was a partner at the law firm of Thacher, Proffitt, and Wood. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Connecticut and his Juris Doctorate from the University of Boston. Randal Nardone is a valuable member serving both the legal and financial fields with his extensive knowledge and expert financial advice.

The Advantage of NueroCore MuscleTech

Posted on February 23, 2019

Are you ready to get ripped? Shredded? Like cheddar cheese? Well maybe not like not cheese, but this product is no cheese either. With NeuroCore MuscleTech, you won’t ever have to worry about getting ready for some serious weight crunching-muscle jamming grand slammin’ exercise ever again. Introducing the worlds most serious and well-to-do pre-workout stimulant that you will have ripping those weights like there’s just no tomorrow.

Some key features you can expect from somethings so awesome such as NueroCore MuscleTech is super-crazy intense energy as well as some extreme focus that is from another planet. Way more exploding strength than you have ever imagined. It even stimulates extreme muscle building and will leave you ripped. It also allows you to get way more revolutions from your muscles than you thought possible.

You will know every little tiny bit of your workout with the most exploding heavily-concentrated pre-workout stimulation powder also known as NeuroCore MuscleTech. It will help to increase your psych’s drive and supply you the electrons to get the job done, thought you didn’t want to exercise today? Take a swig and think again. Try not to use this within at least 4 hours before your planned time of sleep, even longer is better though. Best if used 8-10 hours before bed time. NeuroCore MuscleTech is only for those who are ready for some serious drive to get the job done. Learn More.

Alex Hern, Structuring New Work Environments With 5G

Posted on February 21, 2019

Alex Hern

Alex Hern is a San Diego based entrepreneur, who co-founded the tech business, Tsunami XR. According to Alex, fifth generation performance (5G) is empowering a new generation of “workspaces.” Not only is it improving how digital platforms operate within a working structure, but they’re also inspiring changes. Digital connectivity is changing how employers allocate work and it’s helping to shape the future of workplace networks. Networks built on 5G are faster, this is what Alex holds as a base for his own businesses and for the startups that he incubates.

Alex has created multiple successful companies, because of his firsthand knowledge of the speed of 5G. Going forward, 5G will rapidly expand workspace functionality. Providing employers with 20 Gigabits per second (Gbps) will extend the network capacity beyond four static walls. Employees can be on-the-go or out in the field and still have access to the digital imprint of 5G connectivity. Future workplaces will be greatly enhanced by technology-driven progress. As Alex Hern sees it there’s great promise in the viability of 5G. As a serial entrepreneur, Alex Hern has founded and co-founded numerous technology-based businesses.

With Tsunami XR, he saw the chance to fine-tune the startup process. By providing essential services, such as financing and accounting and administration, under one roof. Tsunami XR is a digital workplace incubator. In an interview, he was asked, “what makes him successful as an entrepreneur?” He stated that “focus is most important.” Alex went on elaborate further saying that while most people wholeheartedly agree with the concept of multitasking; he doesn’t. In his opinion, a single focus gives one razor-sharp perception. So, he prefers to address one concern or business idea at a time. Alex Hern also said that he ditches social media and instead relies on face-to-face interactions with real-life friends and contacts.

About Bernardo Chua

Posted on February 21, 2019

Bernardo Chua is a Philippine entrepreneur, investor, founder, and the current Chief Executive officer of Organo Gold, a global Networking Marketing firm based in Vancouver, Canada. He has significantly involved in the industrial sector as a mentor in multilevel marketing since his venture in the management of Gano Excel. In most of his career, he has engaged in Organo Gold in strengthening the company’s goals and expanding to other countries. Know more about Bernardo Chua at Zoominfo

Overview of Organo Gold

Founder in 2008, the company began as a coffee shop with three employees and grew faster in two years to become the leading Network Marketing firms in the world. Currently, the company distributes different products to over thirty-five countries accompanies by independent marketing and sales companies. The coffee products produced comprising Ganoderma licudum element creates the company’s uniqueness which separates it from its competitors.


In the short period, he has been in the industry and has provided healthier products such as Organo Coffee which has beneficial elements in the body. As an entrepreneur, he has evolved from a mere employee in the Philippines to a respectable global businessperson through his company Organo Gold. In the company, he began a project, Preferred Customer Program, which rewards consumers with a 25% discount on all items purchased. The persistence in the industry has made him receive numerous grants to show his success as a businessman such as the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry in August 2004.

Social Media Summary

Bernardo Chua social media accounts entail Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn which highlight some of his information. The Twitter account is a bit dormant with the last tweet being on December 23, 2014, while the Facebook account is showing similar results. However, the LinkedIn profile highlights most of the details about him which include career, a quick summary of his background information and the current position in his work.

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Nicolas Krafft Celebrates Inclusivity at L’Oreal

Posted on February 19, 2019

L’Oreal is one of the biggest cosmetics companies in the world and has Nicolas Krafft as its Vice President. Before rising to this position, Nicolas Krafft held other 4 jobs in the same company including being the General Manager. This makes Nicolas Krafft super qualified for his current position at this prestigious company.

L’Oreal Paris conducted its 2nd yearly fashion and beauty show on September 30th. The show took place on a commercial waterway on river Seine which is within the French capital, Paris. Besides displaying the season’s new designs, this special occasion presented an opportunity for L’Oreal to highlight its continuing and unwavering commitment to enable beauty and fashion more reachable. This occasion was open for everyone and in attendance were some of the dignitaries from the beauty and fashion world.

Women’s beauty and diversity took the lead at the show as L’Oreal presented the event on a 60-meter waterway that was designed on river Seine in Paris. Celebrity models including Loise Bourgoin, Elle Fanning, Eva Longoria, and tread for L’Oreal event in Paris. The show emphasized diversity and creativity both which are difficult to separate from Paris, which occurs to be the source of inspiration of L’Oreal Paris. Some top names from outside the world of fashion such as actor NikolajCoster-Waldau, Paralympic ski champion Marie Bochet, were present to support the brand’s mission.

Having been held during the 2019 Spring/Summer fashion week, the event presented an opportunity to display the latest fashion trends and also to show how determined L’Oreal was to make beauty accessible to everyone in the world. Also, in attendance were other 13 different partner shows who took the platform to showcase their latest collections.

The wide screens that were set on the venue enabled the passers-by and tourists to watch what was happening at the event. Drones that were filming the whole event also enabled the show to be broadcasted in more than 30 countries at the same time. The event was part of the operation by Nicolas Krafft to take L’Oreal Paris to the whole world. The event was a success, and all credits reached Nicolas Krafft.