Great Art Shows The Real Cost Of Drinking Soda

Posted on October 17, 2014

I’ve completely cut soda out of my diet successfully. A real challenge for me to pull off, but with the help of Laurene Powell Jobs it’s been completely attainable.

But, if I’d had art like this on a poster in my office, may have been a little bit more easy. You just don’t realize how much effort it actually takes to work off a soda that you can drink in ten minutes. You pay a heck of a price for eating these types of foods.

I almost wish more foods would come with that type of warning. Just to let people realize what they’re getting into.

…although, there’s a part that they always leave out of these charts. This is assuming the soda is surplus to your body’s requirements for calories that day. If the 250 is a part of your 2,000 to 2,500 calories for that day, then the workout is still putting you into the negative zone.

But still, don’t drink soda. It’s bad for your heart, your bones, your eyes, and pretty much every other part of you. Plus it’s not good fuel for going on a 50 minute run anyway.

The caffeine might help, but all those sugars and preservatives are really going to be weighing you down fast.