George Soros, Compassionate Philanthropist

Posted on July 21, 2016

Born in Budapest in 1930, George Soros gained his tough skin young. He was able to survive the Nazi Occupation and World War ll, he was only thirteen years old. After the war, he fled Hungary with his sights set on England, in 1947. Once in England, he attended and graduated from the London School of Economics. After he graduated, George Soros settled in the United States where he became a prominent philanthropist and the founder of the philanthropic organization, the Open Society Foundations. The Open Societies Foundation goal is to build and maintain favorable and tolerant democracies. He is also the chairman of the George Soros Management Fund LLC, a hedge fund management firm founded in 1969. He is a firm believer in true democracy and a true fighter for equal structure. Soros received two honorary doctoral degrees in 1980 from the New York School for Social Research and the University of Oxford. To no surprise,in 1991 he was presented with a third honorary doctorates degree from the Corvinus University in Budapest. He is widely appreciated for his contributions to the fight for true democracy and the underprivileged .Today, his organizations operate in more than 100 countries.

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Soros began his career in philanthropy in 1979 when he assisted African American students with funding to attend Capetown University in Apartheid, South Africa. George Soros has contributed over a dozen books, essays and articles on society, economics and politics which are read by citizens all around the world. His most recent corresponding reflects an enormous $4.5 billion across the span of 226 holdings. This may provide more reason, as if anyone needs it, as to why he is known as ” The Man the Broke the Bank of England”. Although the thought of acquiring so much money typically excites us all, Soros implies that this is not a game, and that if you’re having fun in this business, then you must be missing out on money. Because of his expertise and unmeasurable success, George Soros is known as the most successful financing of both history and today.

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Brad Reifler Reveals an Interesting Investment Trust

Posted on July 20, 2016

Brad Reifler has had a distinguished and successful career in the financial world. He has gained great prominence as the CEO of Forefront Capital, a company he founded. Reifler has worked in the financial world for many years. He is not someone who has grown static in his approach to running his firm. This is reflected in the new investment vehicles he is providing to middle class investors.

The arrival of the new Forefront Income Trust shows Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital are strongly committed to expanding options to non-accredited investors. Accredited investors are those with significant amounts of money and are allowed to put their funds into riskier – and potentially lucrative – investments. Reifler has gone on the record, via Twitter, to state he previously focused very heavily on these wealthy investors. Today, he is more interested in helping the “99%” access new avenues for investing.

Reifler points out the troubling fact that the average middle class investor has only about $6,000 in savings. It goes without saying this amount of money is far too low to retire on. Nor is the amount of money anywhere near adequate to handle emergencies or other fiscal calamities. Brad Reifler cannot promise any miracles, but he has been able to develop a new way for investors to put their money to use.

Details about the Forefront Income Trust have been published in Yahoo! Finance. The trust does sound very interesting. The Forefront Income Trust can be accessed with a minimum investment amount of $2,500. $2,500 is definitely a more reasonable amount for middle class investors than the $25,000 or $50,000 minimum investments required of many accredited investor vehicles.

Interestingly, the assets in the trust are “not correlated into the stock market”. Reifler has publicly suggested many investors put too much of their money into the stock market and do not diversify enough. This investment trust seeks to remedy such a problem. Reading up on the trust is definitely advisable to those who wish to learn more.

Madison Street Capital’s COO Receives The NACVA 2015 Award

Posted on July 11, 2016

Madison Street Capital, the Chicago-based investment firm, is known for handling small and medium size mergers and acquisitions as well as having a hedge fund that continues to produce decent returns for the hedge fund partners. Co-founders Charles Botchway and Anthony Marsala have an excellent reputation in the accounting and financial industry and both of them have been honored on numerous occasions in the past. But the recent nomination of Tony Marsala as one of the recipients of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts 40 Under Forty Recognition Award was unexpected.

The 2015 honorees were chosen from a pool of 125 nominees, according to Brien K. Jones the COO and Executive Vice-President of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts, and the Consultants’ Training Institute. All of the 2015 nominees were featured in a series of press releases in NACVA’s Association News,The Value Examiner, QuickReadBuzz Blog, and other distribution channels, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Marsala was surprised when he heard the news that his business leadership, fiscal astuteness, and excellent track record were recognized by the executive committee of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. The NACVA 2015 40 Under Forty award is given to people that have displayed quality, excellence, and the pioneering spirit of visionary leaders in the past.

The award couldn’t come at a better time, according to Mr. Marsala. The merger and acquisition industry is going through a transition period because of new government regulations. Marsala thinks those restrictions will be tightened after the election, but most of those laws won’t have an impact on Madison Street Capital’s business. Madison Street doesn’t handle big corporate mergers that draw attention because of antitrust violations.

Mr. Marsala is considered an expert in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions and business valuations. Tony has been part of the review process for several business valuations over the past 13 years. He works with companies in the energy, food and agriculture, wholesale, and distribution, medical devices, pharmaceutical and technology sectors in the United States as well as in Europe, Asia, and South America. Tony likes to get in on the ground floor of early stage ventures, and he focuses on middle market companies.

Charles Botchway, the other co-founder of Madison Street Capital, is also involved in foreign mergers and acquisition along with his team of M&A experts. Botchway makes the process a little easier for the companies involved in the transactions.. Madison Street Capital continues to produce excellent returns for investors, and for the companies that use the other services that the company offers. Marsala’s nomination for the 2015 40 Under Forty Award proves that Madison Street Capital continues to strive for excellence in all their business transactions.

Should You Use Wen Fig Conditioner?

Posted on July 07, 2016

WEN hair care products contain natural ingredients that are healthy for the hair. The natural oils and plant extracts also give the hair a pleasant scent and protection against breakage and frizz. Emily McClure from Bustle tried the Sephora marketed conditioner from Wen for seven days, and here’s what she discovered.

McClure found that even though it takes a lot of conditioner to truly saturate the hair, it’s well worth it. Emily says that her hair felt thicker and healthier after just one wash. She used the conditioner each morning for three days, and noticed that her hair was well moisturized and had more volume. Even on the fourth day, when she didn’t have time to wash her hair, the conditioner was still working to keep frizz away. The only downside was that her hair didn’t hold a curl for very long, since it was oilier than usual.

Emily’s friends noticed that her hair was still looking great near the end of her Wen experience. This was yet another sign to her that the conditioner was working. McClure has naturally thin hair, and she says she’d recommend the product to other women with thin hair as well. McClure also shares that the conditioner is great for women who style and wash their hair daily. Wen is available on Amazon.

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Duda Melzer Steering Grupo RBS to a Leader in the Media Industry

Posted on June 23, 2016


Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer popularly called Duda Melzer serves as a president as well as the chair of the Grupo RBS. Previously, he was the vice president of the company. Apart from overseeing the overall growth plans and day-to-day operations of Grupo RBS, Duda Melzer runs successful private businesses. For instance, he owns Media Conglomerate Journalism Brands and Entertainment headquartered in Southern Brazil. Additionally, he is the founder and chair of e.Bricks, an esteemed investment firm in the digital sector that operates in the United States and Brazil.

Education and career history

Duda attended the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul and earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Eventually, Melzer joined Harvard and received his MBA. Immediately after graduating, he started his career in the U.S. prior to securing a job in his family business. He was the Delphi’s Senior Financial Analyst and CEO of Boxtop Media, which is non-traditional media firm. In 2015, he made it to the list of Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise leaders. The family enterprise offers an opportunity for 25 young entrepreneurs worldwide, who are leading in business and considered as role models in the society to meet each year.

About Grupo RBS

Grupo RBS has been in business for 56 years, and it manages 6,500 employees. Apart from being the fastest growing, Grupo RBS is among the largest media firms in Brazil. According to Melzer, the firm is a professional family investment. Melzer’s uncle, Nelson Sirotsky serves as the Chief Executive of the media company. The primary goal of the company is to survive the fast-paced technological revolution and cement a respected position in the media industry.

The primary source of encouragement for Melzer is American John Davis, a top consultant on family business and Harvard professor. The relationship between Grupo RBS and John Davis extends from 1999. Melzer believes good governance is an essential virtue for the success of any family business.

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NutriMost Has The Only Menu System That Works

Posted on June 21, 2016


NutriMost has the only menu system in the world that works, but it looks like people who are copying them do not understand how unique they are. NutriMost is the best thing that ever happened to me because they helped me lose weight without a problem. They made it so that I would be able to lose weight easily, and they made it easy for me to check how much I was eating online. The online component is the best part, and I am really happy that I have been able to keep up wtih my meal plan on the NutriMost website.

The companies that have chosen to copy NutriMost do not have a clear grasp of what it is like to be on their plan. These other companies cannot offer what NutriMost offers, and I would not lose nearly as much weight if I were not on this plan. I am not only really happy with the NutriMost plan, but I also know that there is no way in the world I would have lost all this weight on another plan. I only hope that I can get other people to come over and try NutriMost so that they do not get roped into a bad diet plan that is floating around somewhere.

Someone who is not sure how they should cook, does not understand food and needs more assistance will be able to get the help they need at NutriMost. I started on their website when I was learning what to do with my diet, and I was very lucky to find a lot of delicious food that I can make on my own. It is very easy to track their food, and I can log everything on their website along with the workouts that I do every week.


Leading Hair Product Wen By Chaz

Posted on June 18, 2016

Wen hair by Chaz Dean is among the leading hair care products available on the market. Recently a woman tested the product and evaluated its effectiveness over a span of one week. Fortunately for the woman she experienced very good results and therefore recommends it to others to use. During the testing period she said that the product helped strengthen her hair as well as make it look thicker and fuller. As a result she says that the product is best for those who have very thin and fine hair. Each day during the testing period she said that there was overall improvement in the quality and look of her hair. Therefore she believes that the product is worth using at least once.
Part of what makes Wen hair by Chaz a leading hair product is the natural ingredients that it contains. Unlike most other hair care products, Wen by Chaz is made up of nothing but all natural ingredients. These all natural ingredients therefore help maintain the health as well as the appearance of the hair. When using this product you will never have to worry about your hair getting damaged by toxins or chemicals that are used in most other hair products. The product comes in a formula full of plant and bark extracts which not only keep your hair healthy the also provide it with a very nice scent as well.

Another way in which Wen by Chaz is a leading hair care product is that it is a multi formula product. What this means according to Sephora, is that it does more than just wash hair. Most products are a combination of shampoos and conditioners. However Wen by Chaz serves a number of things which include cleansing the hair, treating the hair, styling hair and also nourishing it. Therefore Wen by Chaz is able to meet all of the needs of anyone who is looking to get the most out of their hair care and maintenance.

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The Importance of Getting High Quality Health Insurance

Posted on June 17, 2016

Health insurance is very important to have. However, not just any policy is going to be good for the client. People, especially seniors need the best care that they can get. Otherwise, they may find themselves in a bad situation when it comes to their health and finances. Fortunately, InnovaCare Health is one offers high quality health insurance. Among the high quality health insurance policies that it offers is Medicare Advantage. This is a little different from Original Medicare in that there are different costs and restrictions. For one thing, the patient that already has Original Medicare is still going to have to pay the premiums as well as the services offered by Medicare Advantage.

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InnovaCare is one place to look for Medicare Advantage. The healthcare providers of InnovaCare make sure that not only one’s physical health is taken care of, but also his mental and emotional health. The comprehensive care that seniors receive from InnovaCare make them glad that they chose the services that are offered by this health care provider. InnovaCare stands out in that the staff cares about the patients. Therefore, patients can trust that they will receive the best care.

InnovaCare has a satisfaction rate of 99%. The care that they provide has been encouraged by the leadership of Rick Shinto, MBA, M.D. President and CEO of InnovaCare, and Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrative Officer. They have the expertise and the care needed to provide their services to the patients. InnovaCare has the experience needed for high quality health care provision according to Penelope Kokkinides. Their philosophy is that the patient comes before anything else. They also want to provide medical care that is effective for their patients. When the patient is satisfied, then the service providers of InnovaCare are satisfied. For this reason, more people are opting for Medicare Advantage plans that are offered by InnovaCare. 

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NutriMost Has To Stop People From Pretending To Be Good For Dieters

Posted on June 13, 2016


There are a lot of companies out there that are very fake about how they do their business, and now one of them is copying NutriMost and their ads. Copying the ads from NutriMost is pretty terrible since most people have no idea which company is which. I want everyone to know that NutriMost is the best diet plan in the world, and I have been using it long enough to get really good results, and I am follow their diet plan to the letter.

There are a lot of things that I get from the program, and I would encourage anyone to try it even if they know how to manage food. I kind of know what calories are in everything I eat, but I do not know about all the foods I could eat. It is much easier for me to know what I am eating, and I can just use their menus online to make sure that I have a balanced meal every day. I can even do the same thing when I am out at dinner with friends. NutriMost tells me what I should be eating, and I am not going to stray from their plan at any time.

I want people to know that they can get results when they start working with NutriMost, and I was on their website the first day to make sure that I had something to eat that day. I just followed their plan, and now I am planned far in advance so that I can eat right. Eating right should not be hard, and I am no longer finding it hard. I can just check out the NutriMost website, and I know that I am getting the best information in weight loss from a company that is not a pretender.

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Fabletics Brings Style back to the Gym

Posted on June 07, 2016

In every choice when it comes to wardrobe selection, girls want to look stylish, even when going to the gym. Often outfits worn to the gym can be too revealing or to big or baggy. As found on The Clothes Maiden women no longer have to feel immodest or out of place when going to the gym thanks to the new line of clothing inspired by co-founder Kate Hudson on^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author.

Fabletics offer women a comfortable, stylish and affordable choice for active wear. Fabletics provide not only athletic wear for women but also for men too. For first time customers, Fabletics offers the first outfit for only $25 with free shipping.

As a first time customer, you set up a unique shopper profile that offers outfits to match your size and tastes. After you select that first outfit from Fabletics you then have an hour to purchase it for the introductory rate of $25. Customers can also join the VIP club which offers select sales, discounted shipping, and sales of the month.

Fabletics is now offering the Spring/Summer 2016 line of clothing. As Kate Hudson is passionate about motivating and leading women to live active and healthy lifestyles, the 2016 line reflects that mantra. The Spring/Summer line offers eye catching geo-patterns, monochrome and floral prints that are reflective of the season.

The season style and patters are designed for women in all aspects of active living. Whether training for a triathlon, attending yoga class, or just going shopping, the athletic wear Spring/Summer line will help you feel in style and fit.

One of the most important aspects of Fabletics is the affordability of buying the unique line of clothing. Most name brand active wear is very costly, but Fabletics is affordable made to fit any budget. Between style, fashion, and pricing, Fabletics wants to help every person achieve the Fabletics mantra, “Live your passion!”

Even if you are not going to run a marathon or take part in a triathlon, but instead you just want to feel good and look your best when going for a light jog through your neighborhood, Fabletics has something for you that will match your taste and personality, and not take a huge chunk out of your budget. Create your own shopping profile and see if you can find something that matches your style, or at the least find something unique to wear to the gym.