Andy Wirth New Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board

Posted on July 23, 2015

As reported on Sierra Sun, on July 9, 2015 the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board saw three new board members and one new chairman, no other than the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski resort and Alpine Meadows Andy Wirth, appointed to their new positions. While Wirth has serving numerous Board positions during his career, Jenifer Rose, Lisa Gianoli and Jessica Sferrazza are fist time board members. He will be watching over and guiding over nine board members in total. 

Andy Wirth has been working as a Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board member since he was appointed in 2013. The new chairman has extensive experience when it comes to airline travel, having worked with numerous airlines to increase the amount of flights to skiing resorts in Canada, Utah, and Colorado while also training for his current position. He is already good friends with Jenifer Rose, Lisa Gianoli and Jessica Sferrazza and states that they are all experienced in their field and hard workers. He believes that bringing in new people while keeping a few season veterans is a wise move. New people bring a certain flare and creativity that can be lost after years working the same job. 

Jenifer Rose is the CEO of her own business, It’s My Community Store. The company deals with managing office supplies for business to business interactions. A lot of her company’s revenue is donated to local charities. Rose is also hosts a television show, Plush Life. that discusses regional events and trends. She was appointed board member by the city of Reno.

Lisa Gianoli owns her own firm that focuses on government relations. It handles a wide range of government issues including legislation. Gianoli has been a budget manager and financial analyst for Washoe County for over ten years. She was appointed board member by Washoe County.

Jessica Sferrazza was also appointed board member by the city of Reno around the same time as Rose. She is the founder of a consulting business called JESSCONVLLC. Between 2000 to 2012 she was a member of the Reno City Council. Sferrazza was also a previous Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority and City Council liaison. 

Wirth has already accomplished so much during his time as a Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board member. He has been a liaison between the Reno-Sparks region and Lake Tahoe, representing his company as an unofficial ambassador. Wirth understands that prospering air travel also means a prospering gaming, business, and ski industry, especially in such a regional economy.

Joseph Bismark Believes Businesses Can Achieve Extraordinary Things Using The Energy Of The Qi Group

Posted on July 22, 2015


There is a spiritual awakening happening around the world, and it has nothing to do with religion. This spiritual awakening is impacting how businesses around the world treat their employees and clients. The old phrase, “we are all in this life alone” is being replaced with “we all can do extraordinary things because we are connected to the energy that creates extraordinary things.” A good example of how this spiritual awakening is put to use is on the blog; We Don’t Love These Hogues. 

We Don’t Love These Hogues highlights the achievements of Joseph Bismark, the co-founder of the Singapore-based company, the Qi Group. The Qi Group is part of QNET a multi-level conglomerate that offers health and wellness products to consumers throughout Asia. Joseph Bismark is the managing director of the Qi Group, and he believes his spiritual connection has brought him to his role in the Qi Group. Bismark studied with monks as a boy, and that education brought him to the business world. 

Bismark believes in education. He was instrumental in opening Quest International University Perak in Malaysia. The university teaches students how to live a green life, and promote green living in the business world. As Bismark says, “We are spirits having a human experience, and it is our mission to do the work of our spirit physically. Happiness, according to Bismark, is realizing that we are spirits, and that is our true identity. 

Joseph Bismark integrated approach to business is shared with scholars around the world. Psychologist Ken Wilbur and other spiritual and business leaders are spreading the same message. That message is in order to function successfully in the 21st-century businesses must blend the objective reality with their subjective reality. That is the Bismark mission and the Qi Group mission.

End Speculations as FreedomPop Declines Acquisition Bids

Posted on July 22, 2015

FreedomPop has cleared any speculation that the company was on sale. The multiple investors that had shown interest to purchase the company will not benefit from the sale since the company has declined all the offers to trade its ownership. In a show of might and sustainability, the company has raised $30 million as part of its expansion plans for both the local and international markets.

According to the CEO, Stephen Stokols, the company plans to expand in the US by adding a new carrier partner next year. The funding is headed by several of the companies investors including DCM capital and the Mangrove Capital as reported by TechCrunch. Apparently, FreedomPop was in serious sale-off talks with other carriers.

However, it seems that the company opted for getting more funding to expand rather than giving up ownership to other investors. The CEO argues that the company risks losing its strategic objectives if it is acquired by a different investor. With the future looking bright for FreedomPop, acquisition would be losing too much.

The company anticipates to reach a remarkable size of subscribers in its expansion plans in the UK. Such positive prospects are some of the key reasons that led to the company’s withdrawal from any acquisition bids. According to the CEO, the company has improved on its services especially voice quality and use experience since it launched its first smartphones services. The company expresses its confidence in its capability to sail through without acquisition adamantly.

Incidentally, there are many companies that had their eyes on FreedomPop. In fact, the CEO did not anticipate the overwhelming number of investors that showed interest in acquiring the company. In the first-round, more than 5 companies had placed their bids. Due to the extra-ordinary interest shown by other investors to own the company, it became easier for FreedomPop to decide whether to sale-off or get funding.

The company agreed to settle on the latter and has also hinted that it will be pursuing partnerships in the US but the terms will have to be complimentary to its contract with Sprint. FreedomPop is not relenting on its pursuit to increase its subscription membership around the world. The new SIM card released will allow user to roam in more than ten countries. By the end of the year, the company will have also launched its international pursuits.


Posted on July 22, 2015

If there’s one thing that Instagram is good for, it’s sending people like James Dondero into a frenzy over the way something looks. That’s because sometimes an Instagram picture does a product justice. The angle and colors are just right that it really gets people talking. A lot of those times, it happens with food products.

According to GrubStreet Facebook, Instagram, and social media in general are all in a frenzy over a certain product called “Freakshakes”. These Freakshakes are from Australia, and words do not do the description justice. They are over the top, out of control, milkshakes. They’re different from any that precede them because of the insane amount of toppings that some with them. The salted caramel variety can be seen with caramel just oozing down the sides in its instagram picture. It begs the question of how would you hold that? That’s the least extreme part of it. The Nutella & Salty Pretzel has no shortage of pretzels on top of it! Each of these drinks is like you are getting drinks and a snack. Sound familiar? They almost seem like bloody marys which are the drink plus condiments such as pickles, celery, or cheese. Perhaps, this could be considered their much sweeter cousin.

Unfortunately, Australia is the only place to get one of these monstrous bad boys. For those who can’t get their, they can continue to drool over these concoctions on Instagram.

From Hedge Funds to Art Funds

Posted on July 17, 2015

Art is a topic which can be difficult to convey into exact words. Each individual prefers their own unique style so it can be quite amusing to visit another’s home to view their creative pieces such as photographs, paintings, decorative writing like calligraphy or inspiring wall decorations. Many individuals turn to art collecting as the works simply please them, while for others it can become an investment. One prominent art collector of contemporary pieces is Adam Sender, a hedge-fund tycoon who created Exis Capital Management Inc. 

Regarded for his art-collecting savviness, Sender has sold about 30 of his pieces for about $19 million in 2006, earning him a nice return on these investments. His vast art collection graces his homes and offices in Miami, New York (including Manhattan) and Sag Harbor, which includes works done by Cindy Sherman and more than 20 done by Richard Prince. In 2011 Sender turned his home in Miami into an art exhibit hall when he held “Home Alone” inside its walls (a great move that made the most out of the art crowds heading to Art Basel in Miami Beach). Pieces in “Home Alone” included works by Chris Ofili and Keith Haring. Recently the auction block saw many of his collection pieces being placed for sale which included work by Dan Flavin. Over a period of months, Sotheby’s began to sell about 400 of these pieces in their New York City location and it was thought to generate about $70 million or more. One of the initial hedge fund managers to seriously collect art, Sender earned a history degree from the University of Michigan. The new graduate then took a trader position with Steve Cohen’s successful SAC Capital Advisors LP, than created his own Exis company in 1998. 

Not only is Adam Sender a hedge-fund manager turned serious art collector but Steve Cohen (from SAC Capital Advisors LP) is an owner of one of the world’s largest collections. In 2013 he paid $155 million for La Reve by Pablo Picasso, which is currently the highest amount paid for a piece of artwork by a U.S. collector. Often making the yearly list of the top 200 art collectors for Art News, Daniel Loeb of Third Point LLC is also a serious art collector, preferring pieces from contemporary, postwar and feminist art. 

As for Mr. Sender, art collecting seems to be a passion for him that has led to amusing and profitable adventures. For many, there can be incredible pieces that seem to touch our inner soul and arouse thoughts, but while art collecting offers possibilities for values that soar, one must know exactly what to buy so remember to buy smart! 

Invest Confidently in Today’s Brazil

Posted on July 17, 2015

The world’s financial markets are always in search of new potential places to invest. In today’s world, capital can easily travel from one country to another. Savvy investors know this and take advantage of this fact to help them maximize their profits and earn their target rate of return. A well diversified portfolio of investments is necessary in order to help protect against capital losses and make sure that any working capital grows. Many people find that investing in other national markets can be highly productive. According to financial analyst Igor Cornelsen, funds invested in overseas markets are particularly likely to yield a high rate of interest and provide the investor with the kind of growth they are seeking.

One of the world’s hottest investment markets right now is that of Brazil. Brazil is the largest nation in South America. This diverse nation is home to millions of people. It is the hub of the Latin American banking market as well as the center of the South American investment arena. In any given day, thousands of investors help provide this country with an infusion of cash. The result has been a thriving economic market that has helped eerve as the engine of a fast growing South American market. Savvy investors have come to realize that investing in Brazil can the ideal way to earn well and be on the ground floor of a market that is likely to continue to expand even more in the coming decades.

The nation of Brazil is the designated host for the 2016 summer olympics. This selection has led the nation’s leaders to invest in capital improvement and provide Brazilians with access to better and more effective infrastructure. As a result, thousands of new jobs have been created here while Brazilians have worked hard to create a welcoming atmosphere for the expected visitors. The infusion of capital is expected to be ongoing as investors and locals work to help capitalize on the attention that is going to be directed here by the world during this time. Attention will be focused on Brazil as a place to live and work. This has helped lead to many varied investment opportunities as the nation prepares hard for such attention. The spotlight will help show people from around the world just what they can expect from hard working Brazilians and help demonstrate that investments in this region of the world are a sensible idea.

Find the Right New York City Apartments For Your Lifestyle

Posted on July 15, 2015

New York has a lot of property. There is something that for just about anyone that plans to move there. People just have to find out what type of apartment space they are interested in. It all starts with finding the right real estate company.

This is where TOWN Real Estate comes in. This is one of the NYC real estate companies that provides a wide range of apartment options. The company has upscale apartments with contemporary designs. There are also brownstones and condos that have great views of the city. It all just depends on what the apartment hunter that comes to New York is interested in. There are a plethora of options in Soho, for example, that are part of the upscale living environments for those that love Manhattan. This is the lower side of Manhattan and it is a booming environments with boutiques, restaurants and a bevy of quaint living spaces.

There are also some great apartments for New York City residents in Tribeca. This is another neighborhood in the lower Manhattan area. There are some million dollar lofts here for those that can afford this type of upscale living. Many of these contemporary lofts were once historic buildings. These restaurants in this area are world renown and even the celebrities are interested in finding a home in this area.

West Village is a popular area in NYC that is called home by a lots of young people. It is not uncommon to find restaurants and boutiques that are all within walking distance. It is one of those NYC neighborhoods that is favored by a lot of the youth because there are bars and an assortment of different restaurants that are close by. It has become one of those areas in NYC that has a restaurants like Amy’s Bread for people on a budget and boutiques like Albertine and Aedes de Venustas for those who are not. These boutiques boast some of the best luxury fragrances.

On the Upper East Side there are apartments in low rise buildings that have marble bathrooms, hardwood floors and semi-private balconies. There are studio apartments that may be good for singles, but there are also bigger apartment rental spots for people that are accustomed to a lot more space.

Chelsea has some of the luxury apartments that are in the skyscraper buildings. The people that take interest in these apartments are the people that look for a lot of amenities. There are games rooms, fitness centers and saunas in these buildings. The rent in these apartments may be much more than some of the other NYC properties, but it is the price of luxury that residents are willing to pay for.

How to Edit Articles On Wikipedia

Posted on July 10, 2015

Wikipedia is a well known source online for instant research on just about any subject under the sun. Certainly, most Internet surfers have visited the site at least once. Many people online visit the site several times a day. A large number of those visitors are writers that like to take a shot at writing an article or editing an article on Wikipedia, just like the guys over at GetYourWiki. Perhaps, you are a writer looking for a creative outlet or looking for a way to spread your editing wings. Wikipedia is a great way to get started. Let’s take a closer look.

What You Should Know About Wikipedia
Wikipedia allows anyone to take a shot at editing material on the site. Therefore, a novice writer or an experience writer with several books under their belt could edit or compose articles on the site. Wikipedia likes to rely on independent writers improving the content. In fact, they encourage people visiting the site to edit articles or to add their own articles.

Wikipedia Editing
Visit a page on the site and check out the articles. Wikipedia allows edits in two ways. They allow writers to use the VisualEditor method or wikimarkup. Perhaps, some writers might have difficulty making a choice. Here is something for them to consider. VisualEditor still has beta features. However, it is the perfect choice for those that do not have the time to learn wikimarkup. Wikipedia’s aim is to encourage all new writers to try this method. Thus, making it easier to edit on the site. However, those that have the time to learn, might prefer the wikimarkup method.

Visual Editing
The fact is that most new writers on the site prefer the VisualEditor. However, it is important to not that there are still a few bugs in the feature. The feature uses a rich text editor. Thus, making it similar to composing articles on your computer’s word processing software. It is also important to note that the VisualEditor has a number of limitations. The top limitations include:

  • Slow Process- Editing is a slower process and the pages take much longer to load.
  • Talk Pages – VisualEditor is not able to use that feature.
  • Single Sections – VisualEditor only edits entire pages and not a section on the page.
  • Browser Support – VisualEditor only works with the latest updated browsers. Does not support older browsers or Android browsers.
  • Complex Formatting – This feature is not available.

Use the information and tips included here to edit articles on Wikipedia.

The Woes of Robin Thicke

Posted on July 02, 2015

Robin Thicke is a household name now. The “Blurred Lines” song helped him shoot to stardom in a way that people could not believe. He would soar with the song and fall harder later. This one song would be the career and life definition track that caused a lot of grief for Thicke.

Robin still contends that he was inspired by Marvin Gaye, but he did not steal his music. It doesn’t matter though, according to Keith Mann. The judge has already ruled, and he has decided that this was a clear cut case of copyright infringement. It was unfortunate for Thicke because this will forever be his legacy. He has had hits before the “Blurred Lines” song, but it is not likely that there will be another hit after this. That makes this track – along with the court ruling – the spotlight that Thicke will remain in. He has become someone that also lost the love of his life during a foolish time when the song became a hit.

It was as if Robin wrote a song about “Blurred Lines” and the title transformed into someone that would become his own life. It is the art imitating life cliche that he fell so deeply into. This has made it difficult for him to thrive. Thicke has become someone that is not really in place to make a comeback now. He still needs more time to reinvent himself.

Missouri Passes New Law That Forces Insurance Companies to Cover Eating Disorders

Posted on July 01, 2015
Many people that suffer from an eating disorder find that they cannot get insurance to pay for proper treatment for their disorder or are forced to leave treatment before they are ready due to poor insurance coverage. This is due to the fact that many insurers do not recognize the physical and mental issues and complications that are associated with an eating disorder. However, in Missouri those with eating disorders will finally receive the coverage they deserve after the Governor signed a new bill that outlines all of the eating disorder treatments that insurance providers have to offer coverage for in the state.

The law takes a look at medically necessary conditions and expands it to include all mental health treatments stated warrior forum. It also revises the way an eating disorder is diagnosed and treated by ensuring that weight is no longer the guideline by which someone is deemed qualified for treatment. Insurance companies have two years before they have to be in full compliance with the changes to the law. Prior to the law passing in the state many Missourians that suffered from eating disorders complained of the very high out of pocket premiums for treatment and the fact that treatment was often cut short which experts’ state leaves an individual at high risk for a relapse.